Optoelectronic Systems Integration in Silicon

What is OpSIS?

Optoelectronic Systems In Silicon (OpSIS) is a non-profit Silicon Photonics foundry access and state-of-the-art PDK design service operated by the University of Delaware, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.   We provide the latest high-performance silicon photonics cells and design tools, and enable our users with affordable access to fabrication.

Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in the silicon photonics community by removing the technical and financial roadblocks that make it hard to design and build high-performance silicon photonics chips and systems.

In support of that goal, we provide the following services:

OpSIS makes silicon photonics device prototyping affordable by enabling users to share fabrication costs in a technique known as Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) shuttle runs, reducing the otherwise prohibitively expensive fabrication cost by as much as 10x.  Users pay a greatly reduced fee to purchase a portion of an integrated photonics mask set, and receive a set of diced chips in return, allowing them to rapidly and cheaply prototype new design ideas and systems, as evidenced by our more 50 active subscribers over our last 4 MPW runs.

OpSIS provides our advanced Process Design Kit (PDK) with some of the world’s highest performance active, passive and thermal photonic devices.  It includes tools for layout generation, and DRC error correction.  We enable affordable, global access to design and prototyping of silicon photonic (SiP) IC’s for engineers and researchers from Industry, Research and Academia.

OpSIS hosts and supports the entire design and development environment on our Servers.

OpSIS educates users in photonics device and system design.  We have trained over 100 researchers and students at our 5-day intensive training workshops.

OpSIS, along with our partners, provides an eco-system of service and equipment providers (design, simulation, fabrication, and packaging) for our users, simplifying the development & testing of silicon photonic device & system prototypes.  Our industrial partners include:

Photonic Controls

PLC Connections

Chiral Photonics

Mentor Graphics


Micronix USA Testing Platform

PhoeniX Software