OpSIS offers workshops aimed at familiarizing participants with the modeling and design methodologies for silicon photonic devices and circuits. The workshop is an in-depth, hands-on introduction to photonics design using the OpSIS design kit.

An OpSIS workshop is the best way for a new user to learn to design and fabricate silicon photonic chips and systems using our PDK and foundry service

Target Audience:

Engineers and scientists in the optoelectronic and semiconductor industry and anyone involved in research, manufacturing, or design of silicon photonic chips and/or complex optoelectronic systems.

Coursework and Objective:

The objective is to train people to independently design photonic circuits to tape-out their own chips using the OpSIS-IME process.  The workshop offers practical hands-on tutorials for the modeling and design of passive and active photonic devices and systems, including mask layout, and design rule checking (DRC).  Participants will design a silicon photonic test chip consisting of library components including edge and grating couplers, waveguides, directional couplers and Y branches, Mach-Zehnder thermo-optic switches, high-speed ring and travelling wave modulators, high-speed detectors, and more.  In addition we will design an on-chip optical link.  The workshops cover background theory of photonic devices and focuses on design considerations for fabrication using the OpSIS foundry service

Please see the syllabus of our 5-day workshop to see detail on the topics covered.


Standard Registration: $3,000 USD per person

Academic Registration: $1,500 USD per person (full-time university faculty or student)

Registration includes:

  • Workshop instruction
  • Access to Mentor Graphics Pyxis and Calibre
  • Trial licenses for Lumerical’s software:
    • FDTD Solutions
    • MODE Solutions
    • DEVICE
    • Daily lunch

Workshop Registration and Requirements:

Upcoming Workshop Schedules:

  • We are now scheduling our 1Q 2014 Workshop.  Please check back or join our mailing list for the update.